With most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions struggling to keep up with modern structures, finding proper air conditioning solutions is getting more crucial than ever before.

But due to the current architectural trends, it is getting difficult to install reliable HVAC solutions in homes and offices.

In some cases, tiny living homes put restrictions on conventional HVAC installation. At other instances, incredibly large open office spaces make it challenging for HVAC solutions to provide proper cooling.

That’s where portable air conditioners come in.

What Are Portable Air Conditioners?

As their name suggests, portable conditioners are standalone air conditioning units that also sport the feature of increased mobility. Built to the size of small luggage or tall pedestals, these units sometimes also come with wheels to easily be moved from one location to the other.

Purpose-built to provide cooling without depending on AC systems, these air conditioners are ideal to be used in homes, offices, and large commercial spaces. Due to the way portable air conditioners are designed, they offer plenty of flexibility in a variety of applications.

How Do They Work?

Similar to window air conditioners, portable air conditioners remove warm air from a room in order to replace it with cooler air through their unit. This provides the room with an instant cooling effect, especially if it’s built within a small area.

With this functionality, these portable air conditioning units can easily cool down structures that don’t have an HVAC system installed within them. But that’s not all. Portable air conditioners also complement HVAC systems by cooling blindspots that are often missed by internal cooling systems.

This makes them a sought after solution in today’s market, where the tiny home movement and large commercial spaces are all the rage. By installing a portable air conditioner, you can easily resolve any issues that keep you from making your living or working space as comfortable as possible.

What Type of Maintenance Do They Require?

The installation of these portable units simply requires you to hook up an exhaust hose to a window or a wall. This is used to blow out hot air from the room to keep the cooling at an effective level. It’s as easy as it seems, especially if you are one to pull off DIY projects or if you have professional help during the installation process.

Due to the way these air conditioners are designed, they produce moisture or water within the unit whenever they are cooling your space. But removing this water is also easy.

Some units come with an evaporative technology that doesn’t leave any water for you to drain. Whereas, others come with a drain pipe or water bucket that helps you flow out the gathered water at a location of your choice or chuck it out after a few days, respectively.

This means that even with their high efficacy in spot cooling and standalone cooling applications, these portable air conditioning units require minimal fuss in installation and maintenance.

Where Can You Get These Units?

Thanks to their features, these portable air conditioners have become a highly sought after solution for many HVAC experts. In fact, your HVAC expert might recommend you to install a portable air conditioner along with your internal cooling system, just so you can receive optimal cooling at all times.

Due to their popularity, portable air conditioners are available through highly renowned manufacturers. With various affordable price points, you just need to do your market research to find a solution that is the best fit for you.

If you are currently debilitating on purchasing a portable air conditioner, you can easily reach out to your HVAC provider to get their suggestion. This ensures that you can get a unit with the right size specification and value for money according to your space.