There is a new breakthrough in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It has been discovered that a certain type of ultraviolet (UV) light may help in the war against the coronavirus. This light is called far-UVC light which is a narrow band of ultraviolet light. This type of UV light is found to be effective in killing bacteria and airborne viruses like the coronavirus. UV light is already known for killing germs and is already used in some hospitals. However, some UV lights can be harmful to humans because they can cause cancer and cataracts. Scientists and manufacturers are working hard to make safe far-UVC lights available to the public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The hope is that these lights will improve air quality in homes and public places such as hospitals, schools, stores, airports and public transportation.

Types of the Breakthrough Far-UVC Lights

The far-UVC lights are lamps that emit a safe amount of ultraviolet light for humans but a deadly amount for viruses such as the coronavirus. These lamps will come in all shapes and sizes. They are being manufactured now and are awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The lights will be made into products such as UV wands and wall and ceiling lights. They are manufacturing lights for air ducts that disinfect and rid contaminants before they go through vents and become airborne in homes and businesses. This will definitely improve air quality. They are even manufacturing disinfection robots that will roam around emitting far-UVC light in hospitals, stores, airports, schools and more public places.

The Far-UVC Light Safety

Scientists have discovered that a level of 222 nanometers of ultraviolet light is safe for human skin. Current testing shows that 222 nanometers will also break the chemical bond of all pathogens. This is a spectacular breakthrough for safe use of the new far-UVC lights.

The Future of Far-UVC Lights

Far-UVC lights will kill pathogens on surfaces, in the air and in water in 5 seconds or less. This technology still needs to be approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration. The lights will need to be mass manufactured for commercial and residential use. There are many hospitals, stores, airports and other public places that these lights will be in high demand for. The lights will hopefully be installed in air ducts in commercial and residential buildings in the future, as well.

Far-OVC lights are changing the future in regards to the air quality in every public building and residential home. The sales will be astronomical and will conquer this COVID-19 pandemic. The lights will be the future for killing any and all other contagious pathogen in their path.