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Category: Air Purification Posts

  • Home Purifers can help with COVID

    The Covid Pandemic has certainly raised various health concerns that the average person should consider. No place is no longer safe from exposure to the disease, and people need to take a proactive approach to stop the issue.

    Posted on February 12 2022

  • Michigan Program Looks at Indoor Air Quality in Schools

    COVID-19 is an airborne infection. The concern with its ability to transfer from one area to the next after a person coughs or sneezes and releases particulates into the air is exactly what sparked Michigan schools to examine their HVAC systems. Michigan schools wanted to know just how much of a risk their ventilation ducts presented in air quality and the spread of the virus.

    Posted on January 18 2021

  • Virus Scrubbed Air?

    In the face of new mandates surrounding the pandemic, some industries have begun tackling sanitation requirements with newfound vigor and adaptive technologies. While we’re used to the amenities and luxuries within the hospitality industry, a new technique is emerging to protect clients: virus-scrubbed air. If that sounds a little too technical, here’s what you need to know.

    Posted on December 30 2020

  • How Commercial Buildings are Taking COVID-19 Into Consideration

    It seems COVID-19 is something people may have to just deal with. This doesn’t mean people should jump into the fire because you can’t escape but rather figure out ways to avoid getting burned. Thankfully, commercial buildings are evolving to meet this new world.

    Posted on August 27 2020

  • UV Lighting product sales heat up during COVID - 19

    There is a new breakthrough in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It has been discovered that a certain type of ultraviolet (UV) light may help in the war against the coronavirus. This light is called far-UVC light which is a narrow band of ultraviolet light. This type of UV light is found to be effective in killing bacteria and airborne viruses like the coronavirus. UV light is already known for killing germs and is already used in some hospitals. However, some UV lights can be harmful to humans because they can cause cancer and cataracts. Scientists and manufacturers are working hard to make safe far-UVC lights available to the public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The hope is that these lights will improve air quality in homes and public places such as hospitals, schools, stores, airports and public transportation.

    Posted on April 22 2020