The long hot days of summer are here and that means relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool. With such heavy usage on your air conditioning unit, it’s important to keep it maintained. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home efficiently or it’s stopped running entirely, the problem may be caused by one of these common issues:

Blocked Drain Line

If you notice moisture or water leakage around your air conditioner, you may have a blocked drain line. This problem should be fixed immediately since it can cause permanent damage to the unit. The water leakage can potentially damage other items in your home too. The drain line should be checked by a technician for dirt and dust that could cause it to malfunction. An inspection of the drain line for small cracks should also be done. Monthly checks of the hose will help to keep your air conditioning unit working like it should.

Refrigerant Leakage

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air or the air is not circulating like it should be, then your unit may be leaking refrigerant. The leak could be caused by a variety of things, which is why calling a professional to fix it is the best idea. Common causes of leaking air conditioning refrigerant are:

  • Frozen coils
  • Coils are damaged
  • Large hole in coils

If your unit is emitting a hissing sound, it’s possible that there is a crack in the coils, while a gurgling sound could indicate that there is a hole somewhere in the coils. Don’t be tempted to use a sealant to seal the hole or crack in the coils. This is a temporary fix that could lead to long-term damage to the unit.

Dead Capacitor

The capacitor is an essential part of your AC system. It’s the electrical component that keeps your machine running smoothly. The start capacitor sends an electric charge that starts the motor, while the run capacitor intermittently charges the motor to keep it going. If your unit won’t turn on or is running at partial capacity, it could be due to a blown capacitor. It’s normal to smell smoke in the case of a malfunctioning or dead capacitor, so don’t panic. However, turning the unit off and unplugging it is a good idea if you do smell electrical burning.

Your air conditioner should emit cold air consistently and run without emitting unusual noises or leaking water. To keep your unit in top working condition, remember to contact a fully qualified technician for regular maintenance or to fix any mechanical issues.