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  • Does Turning off the AC during the Day save Energy?

    Do you save energy by turning off your air conditioner during the day, or should you just let it run at the same temperature setting throughout the day? We’ve all wondered this question at some point, usually after returning home from a long, hot summer day to a stuffy house.

    Posted on September 09 2022

  • Indoor Cooling Re-imagined with Ceiling Fans

    Fans may seem like old-fashioned home technology, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Smart fans do more than keep you cool in the summer. A properly installed smart fan can help an HVAC system run more efficiently, thus saving money and energy. There are several ways you can reinvent your indoor cooling with smart fans.

    Posted on April 15 2022

  • Tips For Cleaning Your Home Air Conditioner Like A Pro

    Having nice cool air in the summertime is essential to keeping you and your family comfortable when you’re at home. Most homes have a central air conditioning unit that is responsible for cooling down the house. When this unit is properly cleaned, it will produce cool air all day long.

    Posted on October 15 2020

  • Intelligent HVAC systems are Huge for Building Automation

    Advanced controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning have taken home technology to another level. HVAC use sensor mechanism and the control strategy that is linked to a server system, it is able to able modulate temperature levels, flow rates, capacity and many more. This technology also can continuously adapt operations to suit the demand and detect faults which require maintenance.

    Posted on September 14 2020

  • R-22 refrigerant

    When it comes to the R-22 refrigerant, here are some important things to know about your air conditioning system. For one, if the air-conditioning system in your house or business is more than a decade old, or installed before 2010, the R-22 refrigerant is most likely used. R-22 is a chemical, which keeps air that moves out of the AC system cool. This refrigerant chemical is identified most commonly as Freon, or HCFC-22, as noted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Posted on August 20 2020

  • AC Units could be Spreading COVID

    COVID-19 has forced many of us to stay in our homes. For those of us who are out in the working world, high temperatures may be forcing us to stay in our air conditioned office buildings. The need to shelter in place may be putting us at greater risk of catching the virus

    Posted on July 14 2020

  • How To Add Freon to Your Air Conditioning System

    Once you notice that your air conditioner is not putting out the cool air that you need on those hot days, you may need to add freon to your air conditioning system. This is a task that you can do yourself with the proper safety items, tools and freon. Usually when you have to add freon, you have a leak in your air conditioning system.

    Posted on August 10 2019

  • Installing Your Central AC System

    In the United States more than 86 percent of households utilize air conditioning of some type. The most desired air conditioning for its accessibility as well as convenience is central AC. It is common for people to want whole-house cooling. Many wonder if they could perform their own central AC Installation. It is possible for someone to do this properly and safely.

    Posted on July 25 2019

  • Retrofit Programs on the Horizon

    Great improvements in the way we design and construct buildings are underway. Finally, the building industry, all of it from the ground up, is trying to change the game when it comes to environmental and economical standards by commencing a pilot of an Energy Retrofit Program. This includes HVAC, renewable energy sources, inner and outer insulation. Sustainability in the form of energy production versus energy use in a multi-family building is where it will start. The locale? New York.

    Posted on November 09 2018

  • Top Three Air Conditioner Repairs

    The long hot days of summer are here and that means relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool. With such heavy usage on your air conditioning unit, it’s important to keep it maintained. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home efficiently or it’s stopped running entirely, the problem may be caused by one of these common issues:

    Posted on September 10 2018

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