The Internet Of Things (IOT) can take AC system efficiency to the next level, reducing energy costs and increasing sustainability. Utilizing the technologies associated with the IOT, heating and cooling systems can fine tune function like never before. These micro-adjustments can result in significant energy cost savings, with some seeing as much as a 30 percent reduction in their energy bills. Indeed, making the shift to smart HVAC system has the potential to pay for itself over time.

Smart Systems Communicate, Gather And Use Data

Smart heating and cooling system sensors collect a broad range of information. That information includes such things as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity levels, air circulation information and overall system function data. Smart features utilize internet connections to gather and integrate still more data, including user-specific settings, commands, energy use patterns, weather reports and predictions, communicating with control dashboards and apps. The smart system uses the collected data to make adjustments as needed to maintain temperature and other elements of environmental comfort.

Customized Comfort, Performance Tracking

With a smart HVAC system, the user can take system customization to an entirely new level, matching heating and cooling needs to very specific daily scheduling. That can reduce energy waste significantly. Changes can be made on the fly, via app, accommodating last minute changes in need. Real time performance tracking can predict energy costs and system maintenance needs, catching heating and cooling system problems before they progress to more costly repairs or system failures.

A smart system can even send alerts to maintenance technicians when a system part is performing poorly, such as a clogged air filter. This type of precision maintenance need tracking and alerting can help keep system repair costs down and help heating and cooling systems to last longer. Overall HVAC function is protected by reducing the chance of full out mechanical failure.

Better For You, Better For Everybody

Upgrading to a smart HVAC system holds numerous benefits for both the residential and the business user. These benefits include in-depth system customization potential that allows for virtually seamless indoor environment control, the ability to fine tune energy use, reducing both waste and cost, and enhancing heating and cooling system efficiency and longevity, potentially reducing overall maintenance costs. That efficient use of energy isn’t just better for the individual user. It’s better for us all, protecting our environment by increasing sustainability while reducing the environmental impact of heating and cooling homes and commercial property.