When it comes to the R-22 refrigerant, here are some important things to know about your air conditioning system. For one, if the air-conditioning system in your house or business is more than a decade old, or installed before 2010, the R-22 refrigerant is most likely used. R-22 is a chemical, which keeps air that moves out of the AC system cool. This refrigerant chemical is identified most commonly as Freon, or HCFC-22, as noted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Use of Puron

Puron, which is a brand of R410a, provides many benefits involved in choosing to replace an R-22 air-conditioning system to a type, which uses R410a. An R410a refrigerant offers a higher safety-rating than R-22 (Freon) and performs better concerning energy-efficiency. When tested, R410a has a zero rating regarding ozone depletion than does R-22.

What Are Some Of Our Options?

If your current AC system is over a decade old, the wisest option would be to invest in an upgraded air-conditioning system. The positive news is that many companies offer many different financing options that can make the purchase of an AC system more affordable through due diligence. And this new AC equipment can help to produce a more efficient cooling system for your home or office. Using R410a or a brand of this type of coolant like Puron, this new AC unit can provide you and your home or office occupants with improved comfort as well as lower energy costs. Saving money on energy use can be beneficial to your bottom line when considering your finances.

What Should Homeowners With Central AC Units Do?

When contemplating a transition to a new AC refrigerant for your air conditioning unit, it can be a stressful process. However, the cause for saving the Earth's ozone layer by making the change from R-22 to R410a. There are EPA regulations, which are designed to protect the Earth's important ozone-layer. The ozone layer helps to block radiation that comes from sun's rays. The ozone layer also aids in preventing some of the more skin-related medical conditions like skin cancer/melanoma. These R-22 based AC units can help improve your office's cooling system but can contribute to a much healthier environment.

What about AC Units That Were Installed In My Home In 2010 Or Later?

There are a few AC systems, which were installed in 2010 or later, that may still utilize R-22, albeit in rare situations. As a homeowner, you can continue with recycled R-22, until this Freon supply runs out. The EPA does regulate the production of refrigerants like R-22, but not the AC systems that utilize this ozone-depleting coolant. By law, an individual is not forced to replace one's AC unit that is using R-22, but your AC unit will stop running and need replacing with an AC system that supports the updated R410a coolant. It is best to check with an HVAC expert or AC company to answer your questions.