Do you save energy by turning off your air conditioner during the day, or should you just let it run at the same temperature setting throughout the day? We've all wondered this question at some point, usually after returning home from a long, hot summer day to a stuffy house.

First, it's critical to dispel the notion that turning off your air conditioning during the day or when you are away for work will cost more because your AC will have to work harder to cool your home again. Simply put, it is not how AC systems operate. No matter the outside temperature, your air conditioner operates at the same speed. It merely runs a bit longer to chill your home more.

This implies that your air conditioner would regularly turn on and off to keep a cool temperature if you left it on all day. In the meantime, if you only turn it on at night, it will run continuously for a few hours instead of repeatedly turning it on and off. The total amount of time spent turning on and off eventually adds up. If you leave your air conditioner on all day instead of turning it off, it will basically run considerably longer. If you switch it off for a portion of the day, it runs less, thus saving more energy.

One would wonder why anyone would leave their air conditioning on during the day if it saves energy. Unfortunately, the majority of people's requirements and schedules do not align with this AC timetable. Shutting off your air conditioner prevents it from running during the warmest portion of the day if you work a conventional nine-to-five job. This implies that you would return home to an excessively hot house. The process of cooling the house down to a tolerable temperature may take another three to five hours which to most people is considerably long.

Should I Turn Off My AC During The Day Save Energy Or Not?

The fact is that while some homes may save money by turning off the air conditioner during the day, others may spend more. It depends on how effectively your unit operates and how comfortable it is inside your house.

If you live in a hot climate, turning off your air conditioner won't save energy because it will need to run longer when you put it back on to lower the temperature in your house. On the other hand, the AC unit will keep running until the temperature you specify for your home on the thermostat is reached. The device would continuously switch on and off if you kept it on all day.

Turning your AC off during the day may save energy if you live in a cooler climate where it does not require as much effort to maintain a pleasant temperature.