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  • Professional Commercial AC Repair Services

    Running a business and maintaining a business in a well-functioning condition is not an easy job. There are so many aspects you have to deal with on a regular basis. One of the problems that should not be ignored is related to your HVAC system, which is essential to the comfort of your employees. It is your responsibility to maintain a comfortable environment for your employees and it is not recommended to ignore HVAC related problems. Have your employees complained about odd burning odors from the vents? Have you noticed rattling noises from the rooftop units?

    Posted on March 15 2018

  • R-22 Cost May Scare You

    For many years Freon, also called R-22 and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), has been used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. In addition to air conditioners, this coolant is used on freezers, industrial and commercial appliances, in cold storage units and for the transportation of food.

    Posted on July 23 2017

  • Keeping Your AC Costs in Check

    With the hot weather bearing down on you in Naples during summer, it is important to get a handle on your air conditioner costs which average about 40% of your total electrical bill. Here is a list of the top seven things you can do to lower your utility bills and keep your home running efficiently in the summer months. You might be surprised by number six.

    Posted on June 10 2017

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