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  • What is Portable Cooling Technology and Why Should You Care About It?

    Some units come with an evaporative technology that doesn’t leave any water for you to drain. Whereas, others come with a drain pipe or water bucket that helps you flow out the gathered water at a location of your choice or chuck it out after a few days, respectively.

    Posted on May 30 2020

  • UV Lighting product sales heat up during COVID - 19

    There is a new breakthrough in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. It has been discovered that a certain type of ultraviolet (UV) light may help in the war against the coronavirus. This light is called far-UVC light which is a narrow band of ultraviolet light. This type of UV light is found to be effective in killing bacteria and airborne viruses like the coronavirus. UV light is already known for killing germs and is already used in some hospitals. However, some UV lights can be harmful to humans because they can cause cancer and cataracts. Scientists and manufacturers are working hard to make safe far-UVC lights available to the public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The hope is that these lights will improve air quality in homes and public places such as hospitals, schools, stores, airports and public transportation.

    Posted on April 22 2020

  • Advanced Heat Pump Technology from Daikan

    Modern HVAC technology is more than a comfort or luxury. Sure, it’s nice to have the chill of mountain air or the warmth of beach-kissed sun in your home as an amenity to make your home its most comfortable. However, for many in dangerously sweltering hot or frigidly cold environments, their HVAC is a necessity against hypothermia and heat exhaustion. No matter whether HVAC is a luxury or necessity, consumers want the most efficient technology possible.

    Posted on February 16 2020

  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your AC Unit and Improve Home Comfort

    In the last couple of years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a big jump from myth to reality. Slowly, it is becoming an integral part of our day to day lives. From retail stores using AI technology to showcase a specific collection before it is physically available in-stores and now, AC units that can predict issues before they happen, as well as analyze a space to provide top in-home comfort. Higher indoor comfort, improved energy efficiency, and lower energy bills are three key improvements AI is making in the HVAC industry.

    Posted on January 22 2020

  • Trane XL18i Central Air Conditioning Unit

    This unit is rated up to 18 SEER and has a two stage cooling setup. All of this units components are tested multiple times for long-lasting performance and durability.

    Posted on January 18 2020

  • What Size Air conditioner should I buy?

    There are common ways a person can calculate the correct size of central air conditioners to be used in their home. It doesn’t require people to be HVAC professionals. These methods are popular with individuals who don’t know much about air conditioning units or how they operate.

    Posted on November 15 2019

  • A Smarter AC

    The number one argument in offices is the temperature of the office. Employees can be too cold and too hot in different parts of the office at the same time. The HVAC system does not make employees comfortable and this can hurt job performance. Because of these massive systems, offices contribute 39% of global carbon emissions.

    Posted on September 28 2019

  • Making Money From Heat

    Several companies today are contributing to their own methods of combating global warming. they are also using these methods to educate the public on the many benefits of investing in cleaner energy.

    Posted on September 15 2019

  • Wearable Air Conditioners?

    A planet that is so harsh that its inhabitants wear climate-controlled suits when outside sounds like science fiction. What if that planet was Earth? Earth is growing warmer over time and making it harder to be livable. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC, the last three decades on Earth have each been hotter than the last. This hasn’t happened since 1850.

    Posted on August 31 2019

  • A Close Look at Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning may be on the verge of experiencing developments that are fascinating. People want to figure out how to produce air that feels cold. They want to figure out how to do so without the assistance of electricity as well. This has proven to be a lot more difficult than many people can grasp. SkyCool Systems is the name of a business that’s headquartered in sunny California now. It’s in the beginning phases of producing an intricate cooling network of sorts. It’s thought to have a lot of energy efficiency. How is SkyCool Systems approaching this cooling strategy? It’s approaching it with the assistance of something that’s called “radiative cooling,” interestingly enough. Radiative cooling isn’t brand new at all. People utilized this cooling style in both India and the Middle East in the distant past.

    Posted on August 28 2019

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