Several companies today are contributing to their own methods of combating global warming. they are also using these methods to educate the public on the many benefits of investing in cleaner energy.

This form of investing does not only talk about using various technologies to avoid the warming. The companies are forming ways to earn by using seismic impacts on both humanity and the environment. This goal is accessible if the population can cut back on their use on fossil fuels in the coming years.

With the climate becoming hotter and more extreme, there can be more income in the business of cooling homes, building seawalls against waters, managing the scarce water, and growing crops in less fertile and drier soil. Climate change will have an effect on every part of our lives including where we produce, the foods we eat and even where we live. This fact is according to Joe Brusuelas who is the chief economist at RSM, an accounting and corporate auditing firm.

The makers of air conditioners have benefited by the heat waves that have hit Europe, Asia and the U.S. this summer. Since Wall Street has been putting more cash into this business, the shares of the major manufacturers of air conditioners have risen greatly. The impact has even gone past air conditioners.

According to Erik Kobayashi-Solomon who is an analyst with Morgan Stanley and Morningstar, the atmospheric warming is affecting the agricultural system. This has been seen with the spring flooding in the Midwest. Kobayashi-Solomon is the founder of IOI Capital, which is a firm that concentrates on the technology of mitigating and adapting to climate change. This will enable the crisis to benefit farming and climate research which includes the study of limiting emissions in the next 12 years or the real disaster of global warming will take effect.

There is a startup company called PrairieFood that replaces the synthetic fertilizer with a soil additive. Kobayashi-Solomon would like to allow a mutual fund based on climate change adapting. He is helping to finance this company to help climate change adaptation. He is also interested in AeroFarms, Agrinos, GrowUp Urban Farms and Growing Underground who have the goal of growing food in places that don't rely on sunshine or the soil.

There is also Syngenta, who is a chemical conglomerate that sees the future of profit on engineered crops that can grow in a drought or other stressful conditions.

With the construction of a sea wall, it can protect parts of New Jersey and New York City since the drastically risen sea levels that effect 40$ of the U.S. Small cities that normally couldn't afford such a wall, will offer the chance for investors and builders to purchase municipal bonds to pay for the walls.

Another worry with climate change is the environment that will be created to have more pests that carry serious diseases. More money can be made to prevent or treat those diseases.

It all comes down to adapting to a new life with hotter air and drier land and new methods of where new products will be made and transported.