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Scott Laatsch

Scott Laatsch

I have been working on HVAC systems since high school my family has been in the business for several generations and I continued the tradition. I work a lot of hours on HVAC and for the most part if your system can be fixed I can fix it. However it may not be the best choice to fix it and I will tell you that as well. I pride myself on being open and honest with my customers. I will give you options and I will tell you which option I think is best for your situation. What makes me different is this isn’t a job for me this is my career and I take it extremely seriously. I write articles on the AC and HVAC systems as well as working on them. If you are interested please visit the articles below.

I have written 51 blog posts. If you are interested peruse my work below.

  • How To Add Freon to Your Air Conditioning System

    Once you notice that your air conditioner is not putting out the cool air that you need on those hot days, you may need to add freon to your air conditioning system. This is a task that you can do yourself with the proper safety items, tools and freon. Usually when you have to add freon, you have a leak in your air conditioning system.

    Posted on August 10 2019

  • Installing Your Central AC System

    In the United States more than 86 percent of households utilize air conditioning of some type. The most desired air conditioning for its accessibility as well as convenience is central AC. It is common for people to want whole-house cooling. Many wonder if they could perform their own central AC Installation. It is possible for someone to do this properly and safely.

    Posted on July 25 2019

  • Retrofit Programs on the Horizon

    Great improvements in the way we design and construct buildings are underway. Finally, the building industry, all of it from the ground up, is trying to change the game when it comes to environmental and economical standards by commencing a pilot of an Energy Retrofit Program. This includes HVAC, renewable energy sources, inner and outer insulation. Sustainability in the form of energy production versus energy use in a multi-family building is where it will start. The locale? New York.

    Posted on November 09 2018

  • Tesla CEO Teases Potential Smart Home in Interview

    Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has foreshadowed a possible Tesla Smart Home while on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, which would include an air conditioning system that is more efficient. He discussed a smarter air conditioning system that would be able to predict when someone will be home and which rooms they will most likely be using. With intelligence, the system will then cool those rooms.

    Posted on October 18 2018

  • The New Intelligent HVAC

    Traditional HVAC systems, however, have an inherent weakness; they are more like an ON and OFF switch that regulates temperature and inflow of air. As a result, it is a common problem to have some rooms hotter than others with air temperature and pressure variation. This means some areas of a home or commercial building will not receive the right quality of air to make its occupants comfortable. The new intelligent HVAC system made by Alea solves this problem.

    Posted on October 07 2018

  • Top Three Air Conditioner Repairs

    The long hot days of summer are here and that means relying on your air conditioner to keep you cool. With such heavy usage on your air conditioning unit, it’s important to keep it maintained. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home efficiently or it’s stopped running entirely, the problem may be caused by one of these common issues:

    Posted on September 10 2018

  • Save Money with Reliable AC Repair

    System breakdowns occur when we least expect it and the truth is that we are never ready for them. What we can do is deal with the damage as soon as it occurs so that it does not get worse. The same goes for AC systems and if your system shows any signs of malfunction you should deal with it right away. With proper maintenance and repair services you can save money in the long run and reduce energy use to a great extent.

    Posted on April 15 2018

  • Professional Commercial AC Repair Services

    Running a business and maintaining a business in a well-functioning condition is not an easy job. There are so many aspects you have to deal with on a regular basis. One of the problems that should not be ignored is related to your HVAC system, which is essential to the comfort of your employees. It is your responsibility to maintain a comfortable environment for your employees and it is not recommended to ignore HVAC related problems. Have your employees complained about odd burning odors from the vents? Have you noticed rattling noises from the rooftop units?

    Posted on March 15 2018

  • How To Reduce Your Utility Bills

    Some people have started to notice an increase in their energy bills. Rising utility bills can be a reminder of how we should try and conserve our energy usage in order to save some dollar bills. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can cut your energy bills.

    Posted on October 15 2017

  • R-22 Cost May Scare You

    For many years Freon, also called R-22 and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), has been used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. In addition to air conditioners, this coolant is used on freezers, industrial and commercial appliances, in cold storage units and for the transportation of food.

    Posted on July 23 2017

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