Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has foreshadowed a possible Tesla Smart Home while on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, which would include an air conditioning system that is more efficient. He discussed a smarter air conditioning system that would be able to predict when someone will be home and which rooms they will most likely be using. With intelligence, the system will then cool those rooms.

Musk has also noted that connecting this smart air conditioning system to a car would allow it to know when the user is about to arrive home. The system would then be able to save energy by only cooling the home when the time is appropriate. To do this, Tesla would only need to be able to interact with an air conditioning system that is more intelligent as it can already track their vehicles through their app.

However, Musk did not answer whether he has actually planned a design for the air conditioning system that he has been alluding to after Rogan pushed the question. He simply stated that he is unable to make any comments or answer any questions about any future plans for products that are in the works. The only information on the record is the idea of the smarter air conditioning system that would be part of a Tesla Smart Home that he hinted.

Recently, Tesla has been increasing its work with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Its latest work was the innovative system that was made for Model 3. The potential for value is there because they could be in the position to reduce a home’s energy needs while deploying solar energy capacity at the same time. Their mission is to speed up the process of sustainable energy. Therefore, the possibility for the company to develop a Tesla Smart Home with a more energy efficient AC system is real.

Musk is quoted as saying that he is not looking to create a “genius home” but rather expanding on the idea of renewable energy and saving consumer’s money on their energy bills. He also discussed solar energy and that in order to provide energy for an entire home, the home’s energy efficiency needs to meet their standards. There is no timetable for any new developments or any potential costs for consumers to have this potential system installed in their home. However, Rogan got as much information as a he could from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.