Ultra-white paint just came into existence, and it may be competing with the AC. Everyone knows how important the central air conditioner unit has been to society. It makes it easier to live in areas where the sun can be unforgiving, like some places in the US or the Middle East, but human beings are always trying to improve things.

The air conditioning system is helpful, but it can be costly. It can break down sometimes, and it uses electricity, so it's not too eco friendly. This is part of the reason this new white discovery is exciting. It may reduce AC use.

Ultra white, the white that Purdue University engineers just produced is an incredible breakthrough that needs to be celebrated. Apparently, this paint has the power to keep surfaces a total of 18 degrees Fahrenheit cooler, no matter how hot the environment might be.

It's an insane idea that you can keep a place cooler without using any energy at all. A lot of people are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint, including using solar panels, but one of the biggest energy drainers is the AC. While engineers are still testing this color out, it seems very promising, so promising that people won't need to power up an AC as much as they do today. If things work out as it seems it might, the paint is going to reflect the heat away from the building. It'll absorb no solar energy, and that should help keep the temperature in the building reasonable.

The heat that hits this paint is reflected, so it doesn't get trapped within the atmosphere but rather pushed outside the earth. The planet is already dealing with global warming, so this is a positive thing.

The scientists are excited about this discovery. The paint could be applied not only to government buildings, schools, and commercial real estate but roads as well. Cars could use this color, mobile homes, and regular houses at some point.

At the moment, heat-rejecting paints can only fend off between 80 to 90 percent of the heat the sun gives off, which is great but doesn't help the temperature within the building, which is why you still need your air conditioner. This new ultra-white paint seems to be able to reflect 95.5 percent of the heat from the sun. That five percent might seem small, but it's quite impactful.

The cost to make this paint is cheap. That's something producers and customers are going to love. If the paint is cheaper to make, then it's going to be cheaper to purchase. That's great news along with the fact that you won't need as much electricity as before. That's going to be great for your wallet, but you'll also be happy knowing that coal wasn't used as much because of you. It takes a lot of coal to produce the energy you use to keep your place cool, but now you'll use less.

It's an exciting time, and hopefully, this is just the beginning. It's important to pay attention to what happens with the ultra white paint and how it affects the planet.