Some people have started to notice an increase in their energy bills. Rising utility bills can be a reminder of how we should try and conserve our energy usage in order to save some dollar bills. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can cut your energy bills.

Electricity: You should try to keep your refrigerator and freezer full most of the time. The refrigerator and freezer will use more energy when they are empty. You should also consider unplugging electronics when you are not using them. As long as an appliance is still plugged in, it will still use energy. This is actually known as vampire energy usage.

You can keep your home cool by using an attic fan. It helps get rid of hot air in your home. Additionally, if you have incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, then you should replace them with LED lights. These light fixtures use dramatically less energy (approximately 1/10th of incandescent) and they last much longer.

HVAC: You will need to have your air conditioner and furnace cleaned at least once a year. Your filter will need to be changed once a month. Avoid closing the air vents when your air conditioner is on. Your unit will have to work harder in order to keep the home cool.

You will need to keep your home at a moderate temperature. The ideal temperature of your home is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you lower your temperature to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can increase your cooling costs by 12 to 42 percent. If you need any maintenance on your residential or commercial air conditioner please contact Complete Care Air.

Manage Your Home: When the weather outside is cold, you should keep your curtains and shades open during the day. This will let more sunlight in, which will help keep your home warm. Close your curtains and shades at night to keep the cold air out. You can do the opposite when the weather is warm. Keeping the shades and curtains closed will keep the hot air out during the day. Opening them at night will allow cool air in.

If you have a lot of cracks around your windows and doors, then you could be losing a lot of cool or warm air. You can use caulk in order to seal air leaks. Your dishwasher and dryer create a lot of heat. That is why you should only use them at night during the summer months.

You can wash your clothes in cold water to save energy. This can help you save over $150 per year. Keep in mind that washing your clothes in warm water will not get them cleaner.