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Category: Commercial Air Conditioning Posts

  • D.C. Trying to Make Air Conditioning more Expensive

    As if air conditioning hasn’t already become one of the most expensive components of running a home, Washington is proposing legislation that will significantly raise those costs even more. Homeowners across the country should be aware of how this could affect the cost of staying cool this summer.

    Posted on March 19 2020

  • A Smarter AC

    The number one argument in offices is the temperature of the office. Employees can be too cold and too hot in different parts of the office at the same time. The HVAC system does not make employees comfortable and this can hurt job performance. Because of these massive systems, offices contribute 39% of global carbon emissions.

    Posted on September 28 2019

  • A Close Look at Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning may be on the verge of experiencing developments that are fascinating. People want to figure out how to produce air that feels cold. They want to figure out how to do so without the assistance of electricity as well. This has proven to be a lot more difficult than many people can grasp. SkyCool Systems is the name of a business that’s headquartered in sunny California now. It’s in the beginning phases of producing an intricate cooling network of sorts. It’s thought to have a lot of energy efficiency. How is SkyCool Systems approaching this cooling strategy? It’s approaching it with the assistance of something that’s called “radiative cooling,” interestingly enough. Radiative cooling isn’t brand new at all. People utilized this cooling style in both India and the Middle East in the distant past.

    Posted on August 28 2019

  • Retrofit Programs on the Horizon

    Great improvements in the way we design and construct buildings are underway. Finally, the building industry, all of it from the ground up, is trying to change the game when it comes to environmental and economical standards by commencing a pilot of an Energy Retrofit Program. This includes HVAC, renewable energy sources, inner and outer insulation. Sustainability in the form of energy production versus energy use in a multi-family building is where it will start. The locale? New York.

    Posted on November 09 2018

  • Professional Commercial AC Repair Services

    Running a business and maintaining a business in a well-functioning condition is not an easy job. There are so many aspects you have to deal with on a regular basis. One of the problems that should not be ignored is related to your HVAC system, which is essential to the comfort of your employees. It is your responsibility to maintain a comfortable environment for your employees and it is not recommended to ignore HVAC related problems. Have your employees complained about odd burning odors from the vents? Have you noticed rattling noises from the rooftop units?

    Posted on March 15 2018

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