Staying cool in summer's sweltering heat can be challenging especially when you don't have air conditioning. If you do have A/C, you'll notice that your utility bill skyrockets during the warmest months. You may be wondering if running your air conditioning is worth it. Maybe not. Find out by reading these 10 ways to stay cool without using your AC Unit Unit.

1. Lights off:  Light bulbs generate heat, so turn off the lights during the day in rooms that you're not using. Open up the blinds on cloudy days to let the natural light in.

2. Close the blinds on hot days:  Even though you'll want to open up your blinds when the sun isn't out, when the sun is at its hottest, close the blinds. You'll stop the heat from warming up your home this way.

3. Plan meals that require little or no cooking:  Hot days get even hotter when the stove is on; therefore, don't use it as much when it's stifling hot outside. Plan a lighter fare menu during the summer. If you want to cook, do so in the evening. Limit your cooking time then too. Salads, cold-cut sandwiches, fresh fruit, all sound delicious!

4. Sleep in lightweight cotton clothing:  Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and it's common for folk to wear cotton t-shirts during the day. No reason not to wear them at night as well. Pair a tee with cotton shorts and stay cool as you snooze.

5. Take a warm bath before bedtime:  About half an hour after a warm bath, the skin cools down. It feels fresh, cool, and invigorating. Take a warm bath an hour before bedtime and you'll likely get a comfortable night's sleep on a hot summer night.

6. Strategically adjust your fans:  Try tilting a large box fan slightly backward on a chair and feel the cool breeze. Run ceiling fan blades counterclockwise to steer the hot air upward instead of down in your space.

7. Place a bucket of ice in front of a fan:  This works to quickly cool down a room. Place some ice in a bucket or deep tray and put it in front of a large box fan. Watch that the water doesn't overflow though. Very cold air will blow around the room effectively lowering the temperature.

8. Position your bed near the floor:  When you sit on the floor, it's cold. In the summer, place your bed near the floor so you can enjoy the coolness. When winter rolls back around, you can move your bed to a higher level, off the ground.

9. Keep a cold water spritzer nearby:  Give yourself a quick spray on the face and neck when you feel sticky. Keep a small towel nearby to dab away excess moisture.

10. Wear your hair up off your neck:  Long hair around your ears and neck can warm you up. Tie it back and up with a cute old-school scrunchie or barrette.

Keeping cool during the summer without your air conditioner is possible even on very hot days. Try the tips outlined above and when autumn rolls around, you'll say to yourself, "Well, that was easy."